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Mechanical Assembly

  • Our Mechanical Assemblers are able to install a variety of rivets to include hand or machine placement of flush or standard head, pull/cherry rivets, pop fasteners and hi-loks. With stand up or table mounted drill press capability, we are able to maintain close tolerance holes with a variance of + or - .003. Our mechanics are efficient in working with materials such as a variety of metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber and composites.
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Adhesives and Bonding

  • Whether it be a custom order or continual need, bridgeways is proficient in Adhesives and Bonding. Specializing in Epoxy and Silicone applications as well as Corrosive Preventive Procedures.
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Kitting and Packaging

  • With a multitude of ability, bridgeways will create your "built to order" kit or package, to include standards, details, labels, collating and any other variety of parts you may need.
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Electronic Assembly

  • Bridgeways will meet your Electronic Assembly needs for labeling, kitting, stripping, contact and terminal crimping including multiple wire terminations, connectorizing and inal cable assembly. 
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Small Parts and Fabrication

  • Bridgeways' Small Parts and Fabrication operators will produce your parts to meet your specific needs. We specialize in Marine Plastic and fabrication assembly, specialty tooling, and refurbishment of tools.
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