Temporary and Permanent Housing

Bridgeways provides transitional housing to people with mental illness who are currently homeless.  Nine units of transitional housing are located in the community, and tenants can stay up to two years until they are ready to transition to a permanent housing opportunity.

Trained housing staff work individually with each individual to address housing barriers and put supports in place to ensure a successful transition to permanent housing.

Permanent housing options available directly through Bridgeways consist of Emerald Place, a 4-plex located in South Everett.  These apartments provide permanent housing to seven people at a time.

Additionally, in partnership with the YWCA and HUD, we provide permanent housing through the Shelter Plus Care Program to 60 homeless adults who are receiving services from Bridgeways.

Community Housing Stability and Support Program (CHSS)

This program provides immediate interventions needed to create or preserve existing subsidized housing, while building bridges to existing community resources.   CHSS staff provide support in a person’s home to address mental health issues that may jeopardize current subsidized housing programs.  Additionally, this program allows up to 40 homeless individuals in our community to access permanent housing through the Shelter Plus Care program.  These slots are for people who cannot access services through the other nine local Shelter Plus Care partnering agencies, and is in addition to the 60 slots available to individuals served by our outpatient programs.


Eligible individuals are living in low-income situations, not currently covered by a mental health benefit through private insurance and are without means of obtaining other services. They also are not currently engaged in other formal mental health or chemical dependency treatment services. 


Bridgeways housing programs provide a safe place to live and thrive in the community.


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