Bridgeways is committed to meet or exceed the customer's expectations for all products and services in a consistent and professional manner.

Bridgeway's Quality Management includes certifications for AS9100 and ISO 9001.

What are ISO 9000 and AS9100?

  • Internationally recognized methods to ensure that quality systems comply with the ISO/AS standard
  • Conducted by Certified Internal Auditors
  • Administered by Quality Management

          ISO = International Organization for Standardization

          AS = Aerospace Standard

Why be ISO 9000 and AS9100 certified?

  • Provides international recognition
  • Proof of professionalism
  • Keeps us competitive with other suppliers who are compliant
  • Reduces audits by customers

Bridgeway’s Manufacturing meets ISO/AS certification by:

  • Utilizing an approved Quality Manual
  • Ensuring process procedures are in place
  • Conducting employee training
  • Maintaining thorough records & conducts audits

Bridgeways follows process procedures at all times, on all jobs by:

  • Maintaining continuity of daily operations of specific processes
  • Ensuring we supply customers with a consistent product
  • Being flexible with the ability to accommodate convenience and emergencies

Bridgeways provides Employee Training by focusing on:

  • Bringing new employees “Up to Speed”
  • Providing consistency in the “Hands-on” process
  • Building self-esteem and a “Can Do Attitude”
  • Recovery-focused principles

Our internal audits:

  • Are designed to compare our process against consistent standards (ISO 9000 / AS9100)
  • Provide a “Check-up” on our Quality System
  • Critically detects problems or required improvements
  • Tell us what processes to examine
  • Are objective

Contact Bridgeways at (425) 513-8213 for information on your custom manufacturing needs.

Contact Bridgeways at (425) 513-8213 for information on your manufacturing services needs.

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