Employment Programs

Bridgeways offers two distinct programs designed to help people with mental illness achieve their employment goals.  We work with each unique individual, utilizing their strengths, abilities and preferences to help them find and maintain a meaningful job that is the right fit for them. 

The Supported Employment Program (SEP) is based on the fidelity model of supported employment.  SEP offers a full range of job-related services and supports to individuals engaged in outpatient mental health programs, who are interested in community-based, competitive employment.  Employment specialists evaluate strengths, skills, abilities, and identify barriers to successful employment. 

In an environment of sensitivity and support the Client Employment Program provides a range of job opportunities at the Bridgeways production shop. “Client Workers” hold jobs in our AS9100 and ISO 9001-certified shop, producing quality products for customers in the aerospace industry.  Some employees find Bridgeways to be a perfect long-term employment option, while others use the experience and training they receive as a means to move into community employment.

“ Vocational rehabilitation is fostered in a supportive environment.”
Nathalie Gauteron, Clinical Director

If you are in crisis, call the Care Crisis Line 1-800-584-3578
TTY 1-425-339-3301